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Introduction & Review to 918Kiss Cherry Love Online Slot

918Kiss Cherry Love is a slot created by Play'n GO, a well-known online casino software provider. The game offers a romantic twist to the typical slot play. It stars two love-struck individuals who must avoid the wrath of the gods by kissing. Even though the lovers must kiss, they cannot look at each other. If the lovers look at each other, they will fall into a pit of flames and die. Players control the lovers' actions through exciting bonus games that present different romantic scenarios.


The premise of this slot is romantic and sexy- it centers around a love affair between two people named Ai and Ono. They have been star-crossed lovers since childhood. For years, Ai has pursued Ono without success. However, Ono has also never reciprocated Ai's feelings for him. As Ai and Ono cross paths in their daily lives, they cannot help but clash with one another. They are so deeply enmeshed in hatred and resentment that they have become impenetrable fortresses.

To heighten tension during these encounters, Play'n GO designed the game so that Ai and Ono cannot see each other when they are near one another. This forces players to act on instinct when selecting their actions during the game play. Players must avoid looking directly at each other or Ai will die in a pit of flames due to 'gaze aversion.' Additionally, if Ai looks at Ono while playing the game, he will fall into the flames and die. All of this adds up to a unique slot where players can feel intense emotions as they try to win big!

As players progress through the game, the odds of encountering specific bonus games increase. Depending on how many cherries you have activated - three or five - the game will play different bonus games that focus on cherries in different ways. For example, if you have three cherries activated, you may find yourself in an online game where you must throw cherries at targets to eliminate them. Once all targets are eliminated, players win coins and cherries. In addition, if you have five cherries active, you may find yourself playing a cherry tree bonus game where you must pick cherries from a cherry tree as it grows onscreen.

The cherry tree bonus game is arguably one of the best aspects of this slot because it offers a unique spin on traditional slot bonus games. In this bonus game, players control Ai and Ono as they climb a cherry tree together. The tree grows progressively higher as more cherries are collected during gameplay. However, if either Ai or Ono looks at each other during this climb, they will fall from the cherry tree and die! This is an exciting spin on traditional bonus games where players control characters performing specific actions!

Overall, 918Kiss Cherry Love offers players an exciting spin on classic Star Wars slot play through its romantic setting and unique bonus games related to cherries! Not only does this game captivate with its unique premise; it also delivers engaging gameplay thanks to its diverse bonus games! A must-play for all fans of online slots!


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