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Mega888 is an online gambling game that is currently quite popular in Malaysia. Since the 918KISS game was temporarily shut down, the MEGA888 game has taken its place as the most popular online casino game.

Mega888's game is quite similar to 918kiss's, which is one of the reasons why it is so popular. It feels like playing on mega888 because of the appearance and all of the games that recall gamers of the old 918kiss.

What are some of the most popular games on 918KISS that are also available on MEGA888?

There are various games in MEGA888 that are highly sought after by veteran 918KISS players, such as:


The greatblue game is unquestionably popular, since it has an image logo that is both pleasing to the eye and, more significantly, memorable. Greatblue's players benefit greatly from the ease with which they can win with a FREE SPIN.


The dolphin game, like Greatblue, is also a game released by the same business. It's simply that the image is different, but the method it's played remains the same. And profiting in Dolpinreef is a piece of cake because it's similar to a GREATBLUE game.

PANDA Panda is a new game that is gaining a lot of popularity due to its simplicity of play and the fact that it offers a FREE SPIN with a large payoff. As a result, players from the 918KISS game are clamouring for this panda game.

Thailand's Paradise

Thai Paradise is another classic game that can be found in the 918KISS game. This game also has a pretty fresh appearance to it, which makes it feel quite enjoyable to play.

Native Indian

The game is also highly sought after due to the ease with which it may be won. Native Indian games are extremely easy to obtain FREE SPIN and WILD, resulting in a higher success rate.

Many gamers are hunting for this game from 918kiss, which is currently closed, and it can be found at MEGA888 games. The MEGA888 firm made the right decision in bringing in the former 918KISS players that want to play this game.

Since the 918KISS game was temporarily closed, MEGA888 has become extremely popular in Malaysia. Are you one of the gamers who transferred from 918KISS to MEGA888 in search of the game I mentioned previously?


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